I realized how mean and bad of a person I was when, on my first day of school last Friday. (Starting sophomore year) she told me “Please be nice to people. Just because you don’t like some things they do don’t be rude. Just say hi or smile please” she begged for me not to call out people I hated. And I hate a lot of people at my school. Why? Because they are ignorant…. Simply because I feel better than them I am mean…. Maybe I should learn to stop…. My mother hates me I know. I’m only this way because if I’m nice I’m fake. People wanna hear the truth but get mad when I say it. Maybe feeding you bullshit is better than giving you the cruel, painful reality that is life.


*sees new kpop group*

I don’t have time for this

*sees really hot member*

I have time for this

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